When you spend money on a bike, you should budget something for accessories. Why? Some of these extras can make your biking a lot easier. This list shows you what you might need and why.

Item Needed if you:
aluminum wheels ride in rain, so need quick stops on wet rims
ankle strap wear long pants, no chain guard
armrests ride far in bent
axle pegs transport another adult short distances
basket carry stuff occasionally
bungee cords carry stuff occasionally
carrying rack carry stuff occasionally
chain cover ride often in rain or snow
fenders protect clothes if ride often in rain or snow
foam grips have hand numbness or wrist pain
glasses or goggles ride in dusty or insect
gloves have hand numbness
handlebar bag use maps often, carry stuff occasionally
handlebar ends sometimes need less wind resistance
helmet fall, so you won't smash your head
kerchief wipe hands after bike adjustment, face after hot ride
key holder or chain ride without pockets or bags
kickstand park your bike, or add or remove baggage
lights ride at night
locks want security
mirrors feel uncomfortable about what's behind
noise makers need to be obvious
panniers carry stuff often
pump bike far from gas stations
quick-release seat hit on ceilings, or fear theft
quick-release wheels remove wheels often
reflectors ride at night
seat bag carry tools only
tire liners get tire punctures
toe clips ride hills, or go very fast or far
trailers carry big stuff often
water bottle bike long distances or in hot weather