March 29, 2005

    We are in need of a Dallas-Fort Worth area dealer who carries good-quality wicker baskets for bicycles. This is for a retirement gift for a two-star Army general, and we need to purchase one TODAY!

Sandra B.

    Unfortunately for you, my favorite local source of baskets, Basket Biz of Dallas (in general, I give ‘em four stars) recently decided to close their shop and sell it. That leaves you, as I see it, three options:

  • Call all the bike shops in your area. Use the Yellow Pages or search the Web site of the National Bicycle Dealers Association.
  • Contact a reliable basket company in another state and have them overnight a basket to you. Try Cynthia’s Twigs, 888/404-1444, or Ashwood Basket Corp. (NH), 800/463-6233.
  • A long shot: Contact a local company that supplies gift baskets and ask them to recommend another local company that might supply bike baskets. (E.g., Yo Pop Etc., 800/466-6364.)
    I probably don’t have to tell you that, just like invading a country, your effort would've more likely succeeded if you’d planned ahead.

Mr Bike

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