October 30, 2004
    How do I learn what different types of baskets are available and which are suitable for what type of carrying? I ride a Schwinn Sierra, size 15, lady’s. Thanks for your help.

Mary P.

     First, consider how the basket attaches. Some baskets hook on very simply with no installation; they use either hooks (for easy lift-off) or straps. You might want such a basket if you plan to use it only occasionally, and you’ll remove it after each use to avoid theft when you park your bike unattended. (Note, tho, that you can get some hardware to permanently attach any basket.)
    Otherwise you can get a basket that uses hardware to attach to the handlebars and (in some cases) the front axle. Such a basket resists theft and you always have it when you need it.
     Next issue: Wicker or metal?

  • Wicker looks nicer and lets you carry breakables (like glass bottles) more easily.
  • Metal baskets will better resist the elements. To protect breakables you can put a foam pad at the bottom of the basket or line the basket with a blanket or towel.
    I recommend you consider several manufacturers’ products as follows. Some you can get directly; for others you should ask a local bicycle dealer to order for you.
  • Cynthia’s Twigs, 888/404-1444: Two styles of high-quality wicker baskets with no permanent attachments.
  • Pyramid: Distributes an inexpensive wicker basket (item #203941). If your bike dealer stocks Pyramid products, ask to see a picture in the catalog.
  • Topeak: Distributes an inexpensive steel basket (item #167176). If your bike dealer stocks Topeak products, ask to see a picture in the catalog.
  • Wald: Has a large selection of metal baskets and hardware; ask your bike dealer to order. See Wald’s catalog at www.waldllc.com/catalog.html.
  • Peterboro Basket Co., 800/555-3919: I don’t know their products well, but they claim over 150 years in the biz. Sounds like a lotta weaving.
Mr Bike

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