June 9, 2006

    Although I'm sure it's best to store your bike inside at night and when not being used, do you have any suggestions for storing it outside? For example, just covering the seat with a bag, or covering the whole thing with a tarp? Thanks.

Tammy S.

June 12, 2006

    I'm having problems finding a cover that will fit a recumbent bicycle. I have a RANS Tailwind, and I live in a 21 foot travel trailer. I need to cover my bicycle since I don't have an enclosed storage facility. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

Sheryl S.

    Moisture in the form of dew (or plain ol’ humidity) causes unpainted and unfinished metal to rust lots faster when left outside than when not. So any protection from moisture will help—even a roof.
    Ideally, you want some kind of sealed enclosure. On the low-tech, no-tech level that Mr Bike favors, you could make a cover from plastic garbage bags and duct tape. It will keep your ride dry . . . until it rips, which will happen fairly easily. (What do you want for nothin’?)
    If you plan to park your bike this way often, you might as well invest in the appropriate product. In addition to the products shown at the right, you can find covers in various sizes from Arkel, Kool-Stop, and Sci-con.
    One cover made specifically for tandems: the Pygmy Pack 2. But it protects only the most sensitive moving parts—the drive train—and not the whole bike. For full-bike coverage, try the Pyramid cover shown at the right.
    On the high end (plus or minus USD$100), you can get a motorcycle cover. Very durable, and some come big enough that they can stretch the length of a recumbent. Get ‘em from my pals at Riderwearhouse.

Mr Bike

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