September 7, 2005

    I was wondering if you could tell me if they still sell this product; I can’t think what it’s called but I can give you a description. It’s a saddle seat that goes on a gent’s mountain bike along the cross bar. It’s also got a foot rest. It’s used for carrying small children.
    If there is a name for this product please tell me, as I’m finding it very difficult to track it down. Thanks very much.


    Several manufacturers make such seats, but I think the one you want—the "Companion Carrier"—comes from an outfit called Safe-T Cycling (confident blokes, eh?).
    I couldn’t find a reliable on-line source, but you can try contacting of Eugene, Oregon (USA) at 541/485-4321. Also, in the U.S. (and possibly elsewhere) bicycle dealers can order the Companion Carrier from distributors J&B Importers and Action Bicycle.
    BTW: That thing you call the "cross bar" the bike industry likes to call the "top tube." The Companion Carrier’s seat installs on a bike’s top tube, and the foot rests install on the sloping bar beneath, called the "down tube."

Mr Bike

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