August 2, 2005

    I want a "hybrid" pedal (clipless on one side, flat on other) for my Trek mountain bike. And I don't want to spend a lot! Any good ideas for where to buy these? Thanks!

Jocelyn M.

    FYI, different manufacturers have different names for these pedals. Industry jargon seems to have settled on "clipless single-sided with cage," but I, like you, prefer "hybrid."
    You can find such pedals for $35 or less, but only from discount merchandisers such as Nashbar and Performance—and only their house brands, at that. As these products occupy the low end of the price spectrum, I question how long they’ll last.
    For a little more money, I think you’d get good value out of Shimano’s PD-M324 and M545 pedals, as well as the Wellgo WPD982. (Great names, eh? At least you won’t pay extra for creativity.)
    I suggest you take a look at these on-line, then ask your local, trusted bike dealer to order the ones you want—because, as I can’t say often enough, independent bike shops need your support.

Mr Bike

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