February 2, 2006

    During the winter months should I store my bike in a shed (very cold) or in my basement (warm)?
    If you answer is “store it in a warm place,” what parts or components are damaged by storing the bike in a cold place (out of the elements)? Thanks. I enjoy your site.

Jamie D.

    The only problems you might have with cold indoor storage involve moisture and corrosion.
    If you put the bike away when water’s gotten inside particular parts or components, the water might expand when it freezes—later causing a part to work funny or fail completely. So if the bike has gone thru snow, sleet, or slush, before it goes into deep freeze let it dry out in a warm place for a few days.
    Likewise, if your area uses salt on snowy roads and the bike has gone thru it, salty slush on the bike will have lots of time to corrode moving parts (even in warm storage). To prevent winter salt assault: After your bike has gone thru salted streets, spray down moving parts with a moisture-removing solvent like WD-40, let dry, then lube. For pictures showing where exactly to apply solvent and lube, see the “Maintenance Basics” chapter of my book, Urban Bikers’ Tricks & Tips.

Mr Bike

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