April 18, 2006

    I am shopping for a road bike. I have narrowed my search down to two: the Trek 7.5 FX WSD and the Trek 7.6 FX WSD.
    I have test-ridden them. I understand the frame difference. Basically both bikes are great. I could live with either one, although I HATE the color of the 7.5.
    Should I spend the extra $300 on the 7.6 and get a color I like or save the $300 and live with the ugly light blue? I will be taking long rides (4 hours) with seasoned cyclists so I need the speed to keep up. I’ll also take short trips by myself to the store. Would appreciate your opinion.

Golden Girl

    Your question comes down to: “Should I get something I like more, or like less?” Can you guess my answer?
    As a practical matter, for a given bike model a bike dealer can often order the color of bike you want. So if you want that color but also wanna save money, ask.
    From your perspective, both bikes perform well enough. So, I say don’t stick yourself with something “ugly” that you’ll “hate.”
    Hm, maybe I should work as a therapist.

Mr Bike

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