July 13, 2005

    I am wondering if you could direct me to the Web location of the maker of Diamondback locks. I tried to put that in my search bar and got Diamondback bikes.
    I got a Diamondback combination lock off a stolen bike that I bought from police impound. The lock looks brand new. Is there a pass code number that I can put in and have it open for me—and get another combination? Thanks.

Virgil H.

    Bicycle manufacturer Raleigh USA owns the Diamondback brand, but Raleigh no longer makes nor supports Diamondback locks. So, sorry, you’ve no choice but to cut the lock.
    As you have what most bike thieves want but can't get—time and opportunity—if you go at the lock with a hacksaw you'd probably get thru it eventually. Else take it to a locksmith.
Mr Bike

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