April 17, 2005

    I was recently involved in a high-speed wreck that left me with the equivalent of severe 2nd degree burns at the impact points on my lateral right shoulder and hip. It has ruined my season as well as causing me to miss work—not to mention the pain.
    Does anyone manufacture road jerseys or shorts that have some kind of a pocket at these points into which you can insert a protective shield that is comfortable and does not make you look like a combat soldier in an "Alien" sequel? Thanks.

Rick S.

    Hoo boy, Rick. You gave me an excuse to crack open my fave motorcyclist gear catalog and that always gets me jazzed.
    The catalog over which I slather comes from the cheeky chaps over at RiderWearHouse. Want watertight, insulating repair tape? A frame-mounted, remote-controlled chain lubing device? The Road Kill Cookbook? RiderWearHouse has it all—plus dozens of other cool items you’ll wonder how you ever biked without. (Who wouldn’t want a bungee net for strapping stuff to the top of their helmet?)
    Back to business. RiderWearHouse’s own apparel brand, AeroStich, has some highly protective rider jackets. None come with pockets at the shoulder point you specify—but several do come with extra, removable padding and/or "urethane coated ballistic nylon" layered over the key impact/sliding areas.
    You can also buy those removable pads separately, and I imagine you could slip ‘em in your shorts if so inclined. You’ll find doing so lots easier if you get some cycling shorts that have side pockets, which you’ll find widely available.
    One more thing: For tips on how to fall see my book, Urban Bikers’ Tricks & Tips.

Mr Bike

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