October 25, 2005

    I am trying to find out the name of manufacturers for bicycle fenders.
    I have a Trek Navigator 300 and am looking for some fairly short front and rear fenders. Someone mentioned SKS but I cannot find their Web site. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Frank S.

    Three manufacturers I suggest you look into: Planet Bike, Wald, and SKS (on SKS's site choose “English,” then “products”). Planet Bike and SKS’s Web sites have dealer locaters. Tho Wald does not, many dealers carry their products—and in a pinch you could contact Wald directly.
    To make sure the fenders you want fit your bike, I suggest that when you go to buy the fenders you take your bike with you.
    I don’t know why you want short fenders—but to keep you and your bike the driest you should get fenders that cover as much of your bike’s wheels as possible. So I recommend that you get a fender that covers 180 degrees of your bike’s rear wheel and at least 95 degrees of the front wheel. (With the fender installed and as you look at the bike from the left side, the back part of the fender should cover the wheel all the way to the 3 o’clock position.)
    Learn more about choosing fenders from my book, Urban Bikers’ Tricks & Tips.

Mr Bike

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