June 6, 2005

    About five years ago, I purchased a fantastic floor tire pump for bikes, the Diamondback AirMax Handler Pro. It cost me over $50 at the time.
    Its has truly been a fantastic pump . . . till my kids got a hold of it. They have bikes and constantly pump up their tires. Curiosity got the better of them, and they took apart the assembly that connects the pump hose to the tire, and probably lost a piece or two.
    Any idea where I can get this assembly (new or used) without having to pay for a whole new pump? I've searched the Web high and low for a used pump, or any sign of an address to contact the manufacturer. (I understand it’s also sold under the name "Avenir"—a European company?)
    Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated—and you would definitely be listed in my contacts as "Dr. Bike" instead of only "Mr. Bike." Thanks!

Yossi K.

    Thanks. But would I have to start paying malpractice insurance?
    Looks to me like neither Diamondback nor Avenir sells your pump any more, which makes getting parts tough. I found a couple of merchants who’ll likely wanna sell you a complete replacement. But you can ask about parts.
    The on-line distributor Bicycle Buys advertises an AirMax pump. And Skates on Haight has something they call the Handler Floor Pro Pump. Before ordering from either of these, you should contact them to make sure their product matches what you want.
    To buy, sell, and search for stuff among fellow bikers, turn to what people used to call a Usenet group: rec.bicycles.marketplace, a venerable bulletin-board system that you can now access via the Web. Another option: E-classifieds, a younger but oft-frequented set of classified listings for bike accessories.
    Hope your kids retain their inquisitiveness (and bicycling inclinations) into their adulthood. Meanwhile, I suggest you get them their own pump and keep yours out of sight.

Mr Bike

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