June 1, 2006

    I have attached a few pics of my handlebar set-up and I was wondering if you could tell me how I raise this handlebar. What type of tool do I need? The model is a Python Boa.
    I unscrewed the top bolt and it didn't do anything. And I unscrewed the clamp around the bottom of the centre shaft and it didn't release anything either. I think I am probably missing the obvious here, but I can't see how to raise this sucker a little. Could you help?

Kelly B.

    That clamp around the bottom of the head tube simply holds the front brake cable. It looks to me that you can loosen the handlebar from the top of the handlebar stem, which you say you’ve already tried.
    I suspect that the handlebar stem has gotten stuck. So try this: Loosen that top bolt again. Then stand in front of the bike and put the front wheel between your legs. Use your knees to hold the wheel firmly. Grab each end of the handlebar and twist it while holding the wheel still with your legs. If the stem starts to turn, then you probably can raise it by pulling up on the handlebar while twisting it.
    If that doesn’t work, take your bike to a bike shop. They should tell you how to loosen the handlebar, without charging you. (If you ask them to actually loosen it, that might cost.)
    Finally, if you can’t get the handlebar high enough for your comfort: Consider getting a stem that angles up, like the one pictured at right.

Mr Bike

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