May 24, 2004

    I have been looking for a bike seat for my 4 year old, but I can't find anything rated for more than 40 lbs. I want to take him with me when I bike but he is too young to ride by himself. Can you help?

Pam T.

    I think your son has gotten too big for you to carry him on a rear child seat. Perhaps you should look into something called a trail-a-bike. It looks like a bicycle with the front tire missing, and you attach it to your adult bicycle.
    Instead of a front tire, a trail-a-bike has a metal tube that clamps to the seat post of the adult bicycle. The trail-a-bike has its own handlebars, pedals, and seat, but the child can’t steer it (it simply rides behind the adult bicycle).
    You can learn more at the Adams Products Web site.

Mr Bike

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