January 18, 2006

    I'm a modern girl in the modern world, i.e. leashed to technology.

    I have been an all-weather bike commuter for years but recently purchased a laptop computer for my school studies. Is there a safe way for me to transport my new laptop on my bicycle? My bicycle may be my first love, but my laptop cost more!

Anna G.


    You obviously seek solace from your high-tech entanglements. You’ve come to the right place.

    With regard to ways to transport laptops, I translate “safe” to “dry and smash-free.”

    Regardless of what kinda carrying bag in which you tote that ‘top, you can keep it dry pretty simply: Before you put in into the carrying bag, stick it in a plastic bag. I’ve biked in the rain with my laptop many times using this method, no problem. If you carry the computer in a pannier, a rain cover for the pannier will also work fine—but, of course, you have to pay for that.

    Unless your commute takes you off-road, a typical soft-shell pannier or backpack shouldn’t require you to use extra padding. If you want padding, tho, a couple of newspaper sections should do the trick.

    If you must spend money on your commuter computer, then you can get one of the many briefcase panniers made specifically for this purpose. Ones from Jandd and Arkel have padding and waterproof options—and while I’ve not used these particular products, both companies have good reputations.

    You could also try on over-the-shoulder bag like one listed at right, tho if you don't already use one you might quickly tire of it.

Mr Bike

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