April 17, 2005

    The revised edition of your excellent book Urban Bikers’ Tricks & Tips describes U lock collars (page 50) and steel reinforcement straps for U locks (page 51).
    Lamentably, both of these items have evidently disappeared from the marketplace. In addition to the sources listed in
Tricks & Tips, I tried without success to locate these items on the Internet using a variety of keywords and alternatives.
    With this in mind, do you have any updated suggestions where these useful items might be found? (I’d prefer to use a "real" u-lock collar rather than a pipe fitting if I can.)
    Cheers & thanks for your help.

Riley V.

    Thanks for your kind words about my book. Good to know my mom still has you on the payroll.
    I wouldn’t have put those items in the revised edition of my book without verifying that one could get them. Tho the original manufacturers no longer carry them, only one distributor apparently still has a stash: Jamis Bicycles (AKA Joannou Cycle). You will, however, have to have your local bike retailer order them for you.
    U-lock collars: Kryptonite used to make one called the Kuff, which your dealer can order from Jamis as item #62-1020. Alternatively you can get a Bad Bones version called the Bad Collar (no wonder they went belly-up) that comes in the "C1" mountain bike flavor (item #62-6050) and the "C2" non-mountain bike flavor (item #62-6075). Different diameters, I bet.
    Reinforcement straps: Jamis has the Bad Bones "S1" (item #62-5000) and the "S2" (item #62-5025). I’ll guess they differ in width, but I can’t tell you how.

Mr Bike

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