November 11, 2005

    Help, I have drilled out the lock and tried to spread it with a car scissor jack, no luck. It laughed at the large hacksaw blade. Any suggestions?

Rob B.

    You certainly seem like a resourceful fellow, Rob. Any dynamite in the house?
    Normally I’d recommend that you try to pick the lock with the barrel of a cheap ballpoint pen, but it appears your drill has scotched that option.
    Thieves have tools you haven’t tried, but I’ve a policy not to publicize those. That, I regret to report, leaves you with the obvious solution: a locksmith.
    To choose a locksmith, call around. Describe the lock and get prices. It will go more cheaply for you if you can bring the lock to them—but if you don’t have that luxury, make sure the prices you get include the cost for them to come to your lock.

Mr Bike

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