December 7, 2005

    Where does a relative newbie find a class on road bike maintenance? I want to be a “wrench” of the highest order. I want Lance to feel comfortable with me working on his bike. Where does one start? I have looked at all the local community colleges and adult education classes. No luck! Lead this Orange County CA wannabe to the golden wrench.

Paul M.

    I’ve a feeling that Lance’d want you to offer some credentials beyond a class diploma. Might help to buy him a few drinks. Nah—probably more than a few.
    If you don’t already work on your own bike, I suggest you get yourself a repair manual (click here for my recommendations) and practice some of the basic stuff, like replacing cables and chains. Maybe try new things until you feel like you need help or really screw something up, whichever comes first. Then take a class.
    In the U.S., I like the Park Tool School as a national purveyor of bike maintenance classes. Park certifies local instructors to teach their program, and to find one you simply go to their Web site and stick in your Zip code.

Mr Bike

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