May 11, 2005

    I have been riding on Onza Rip & Rail tires (they are 26" x 1.95" and 26" x 1.9"). I really like these tires both for tread depth and design. They have worked for me everywhere from Pennsylvania to Moab, Utah.
    But they are starting to show wear, so I would like to get new tires. I was hoping to get another pair of Onzas because they have worked so well. However I want to go up to 26" x 2.2" in front and 26" x 2.1" in the back. In those sizes, what tires are equal to the Onza Rip & Rail?
    I hope you can help me out. Thank you for your time.

Jonathan F.

    What happened with Onza tires? I can’t say, but I’ve heard from people who bought the Rips. Folk raved so about these tires, you’d think they just came back from a week of getting lost in the woods. Seems these babies’d corner hard or subtle, whichever you wanted. At first.
    Then, different kinds of reports started erupting: Bikers complained that the Rip’s knobs would separate from the casing, like, after a few months or even weeks. While I can’t substantiate these claims, I know you can’t hardly buy the things any more.
    So where does that leave us? I don’t know exactly how or where you ride—but taking a look at what some Onza users switched to, I say try a couple of Panaracer tires: the Cinder in front and Smoke in back.

Mr Bike

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