April 8, 2005

    I am trying to install Dura-Ace 7700 brakes on a 2002 Ouzo Pro fork. It seems that the fork is too deep—I can't attach the brake because the bolt on the brake will not reach the deal that it screws into. Can you help?


    Presumably you don’t wanna take this stuff to a bike shop for installation cuz you bought the parts yourself and you wanna save money.
    While I can’t figure out the assembly without seeing the parts, I do have a suggestion: Call a bike mechanic you’ve dealt with and ask them if you could pay them, as an independent consultant, to look at it for you. Even if you pay them $20 for their advice you’d still probably come out ahead.
    But lemme put in a plug for independent bike dealers (IBDs): We need them, and many of them survive on repairs and installations. Obviously if you have bike-assembly expertise you should do yourself whatever you can. But until you get to that expert level you might think about paying your IBD dues.

Mr Bike

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