October 31, 2005

    Where can I find 1/2” clip-on pedals? I have a Lifecycle c7i and would like to install the clip-ons for a better workout. Standard 9/16” diameter spindles will not fit on this exercise machine. Thank you.

Tom E.

    Luckily, several manufacturers figured out that folks such as yourself would want such a pedal. I’ve listed their products below. Note that you must get a bicycle or sport retailer to order these for you.

Pedals that have or accommodate toe straps:

  • Mawri 659, from Mawri (El Monte CA)
  • Mawri Exerciser, from Hawley
  • Pyramid HTI-EG, from J&B Importers
  • Summit VP-406, from Hans Johnson
  • Wellgo EX-8, from Wilson Bicycle Sales

Clipless pedals:
  • Wellgo WPD-313, from Bicycle Technologies International

Mr Bike

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