October 18, 2007

    I bought a kid's Back Trails bike-accessories package at Target stores (water bottle, bike lock, etc.). The lock came with two keys. My kid lost one key and I went to three locksmiths but couldn't get a replacement. Something about China not distributing a master key for replacement.
    You might want to warn your readers about purchasing locks from non-U.S. sources. I have no problem with China merchandise, but they should provide master keys but according to the locksmiths they just don't.
    I also found out that Target stores recalled a huge number of Back Trails kid's helmets. I never heard about the recall and discovered that we had the helmets. So you might want to mention the helmet recall to your readers if you haven't already. You can verify the recall by downloading U.S. CPSC release #05-252, "CPSC, Target Announce Recall of Back Trails Jr. Bicycle Helmets," 8/31/05.
    I've sent this to other folks whose addresses I got from your book, Urban Bikers' Tricks & Tips.

Richard M.

    Thanks for keying us into the heads-up.

Mr Bike

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