December 25, 2005

    I’m trying to find information on a bike I purchased in July of 2005. It is a blue/silver Huffy Tundra, model #76524C MT 05D. It was destroyed by a group of individuals who were staying at the hotel I work at during my shift, and I’m trying to get a proper estimate of the damages.
    I bought it from WalMart, and I can’t find any old catalogs anywhere, to prove how much I paid for it. Do you know were one could acquire such a thing?


    If Huffy printed catalogs they’d probably have gone bankrupt a few years sooner than they did. But I’ve other ideas that might work.
    To get reimbursed for your bike you can come up with two kinds of figures: repair cost and replacement cost. You might find repair cost easier to get, and maybe would result in more cash. Simply bring your bike to a bike shop and ask them to give you a written estimate of the work it’d take to get the bike into good shape. Given that you have an, um, inexpensive model, it’ll probably cost lots more to fix the bike than replace it.
    Lacking a receipt, for proof of the bike’s retail price you can use a note stating the price, written by either the store or the manufacturer on their letterhead. First try visiting the store at which you bought the bike and explain your situation to a manager. If that doesn’t work call Huffy at 800/872-2453 and make the same request, except you want a statement of the suggested retail price.

Mr Bike

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