December 31, 2005

    I am trying to find a picture and get some information on a vintage ladies’ Schwinn Suburban made in Chicago. The color is chestnut brown and the bike is in excellent condition. I am trying to see how much this bike is worth. The handlebar is the “U” type—where you can have your hands on the top, or underneath for aerodynamics. Can you help? Thanks.


    Whenever I see the ubiquitous Schwinn Suburban I think of the 1995 documentary “Taken for a Ride,” which chronicles a major reason we have suburbs.
    The facts in “Taken for a Ride” you might find just as unpalatable as this one: Your Suburban probably won’t catch considerable cash. They sell on-line at around $125 US, and I’ve seen ‘em in thrift shops for, like, $35. Why? Schwinn made them to last, and last they do. Yours might fetch more on eBay than the others already there if you write a very good description.

Mr Bike

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