September 14, 2005

    What is the size of the seatpost on a '98 diamondback Mr. Lucky? Is it 22.2 or 25.4? It has 25.4 stamped on it but the guy at the bike shop said it is 7/8. Which one is it? I need to order the post on-line and I don't know which to get.
    By the way, it is so cool that you help people for free like this.

John R.

    I’ve got the answer to the question you asked, but not the one you didn’t ask: Why did the shop guy refute the size stamped on your seatpost? Did he put a sizing rod into the seat tube? Or did he instead use his pipeline—the direct one he has to an advanced alien intelligence? Perhaps he exists simultaneously in a differently-scaled parallel universe?
    Anyway. Diamondback spec’ed that bike with a pillar-style (without an integrated clamp), chromoly 25.4 mm seatpost (about one inch diameter)—not a 22.2 mm (7/8"). Accept no substitutes.
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Mr Bike

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