February 18, 2006

    I have an older Columbia Tandem. The original saddles are the big rail version, quite different than what is used today.
    After my wife complained about the saddles (I didn't like them much either), I decided to switch them out with two Brooks saddles. A nice upgrade.
    However, the clamp atop the Wald 950 seatpost is nothing like the modern two-rail version we use today. Is there a clamp adapter I can buy?
    Or does anyone make a really skinny seatpost? I measured it at 2.0 centimeters and have no luck. Thanks.

Joe D.

    Two centimeters, eh? Well, I haven’t seen a seatpost with exactly that diameter. You can get close, like 13/16”—just a little over two centimeters.
    But let’s eliminate the guesswork. To find the diameter you need without question, you must insert into the seat tube a handy device called a sizing rod. Most bike shops have ‘em, so I suggest you ride that tandem (put the old saddle on first!) over to a bike shop and find the right size.
    If you do need a 13/16” seatpost and your bike dealer can’t find one, I believe you can get it from Stick-Em-Up, 800-777-8425. If you find you need a more common 22.2 mm diameter seatpost, your bike dealer should have no problem getting one.
    Regarding clamp adapters: They exist, but I wouldn’t steer you to one without having seen exactly what you have on top of that Wald.

Mr Bike

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