June 11, 2004

    In Chicago where we live the signs on a nearby busy street, Ashland Avenue, say NO BIKES ON SIDEWALK, but does that apply to kids? How about kids biking with moms? We biked on the sidewalk today anyway, because it is really the best—and safest—route to school. I can hardly bike with them in the street on Ashland. I thought Mr. Bike would be the go-to guy for this question. Thanks, Mr. Bike!

Alice M.

    In Chicago the law prohibits people over 11 of years of age from riding on sidewalks. Police generally don’t enforce this, however.
    If you ride on the sidewalk with your kids, Mr Bike has the following tips you should observe and teach your kids:

  1. Go no faster than walking speed.
  2. When approaching sidewalk-facing doors, slow down and look carefully for people emerging. If you see them, stop and let them go before passing.
  3. Before crossing alleys and “blind” driveways, stop and peek into them; wait for cars to leave before crossing.
  4. When approaching walkers, slow down and say “Passing on your left” or “Passing on your right.” Your kids’ bikes should have bells, too.
  5. Before crossing a street, get off of your bike and walk it across.
    Hope this helps.

Mr Bike

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