Jullly 11, 2006

    Where you do recommend buying those solid rubber tires you have mentioned? Somebody told me that you don't use them any more. Is that true? Did you change your mind about them?

Kathy S.

    I’ve more than one bike, plus a trailer. (Not bragging; it just kinda developed.) I have solid tires on one of my bikes and on the trailer.
    I’ve long said, and continue to say, that the solid tires (polyurethane and nylon, not rubber) make the single most effective way to prevent flats. The solid tires I’ve used do make you pedal with slightly more effort, and unless I wanna go slower than usual (I usually don’t), I ride my 40-year-old three-speed that has a set of flat-resistant pneumatic tires.
    I’ve recommended solid tires to people who have freedom from flats as their first priority. When these folks start riding solid tires, most feel happy to have ‘em. But Mr Bike sez that if you like speed most, stay pneumatic.
    If your local bike shop doesn’t sell solid tires, you can order them by clicking on the links at right. (Learn more from the manufacturer, Nu-Teck.)
    Also, you can find many tips on how to stop flats (plus a visual, step-by-step guide to fixing flats) in my book, Urban Bikers’ Tricks & Tips.

Mr Bike

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