May 20, 2004

    Thank you for your
Safe Bicycling booklets. Good job! I have been handing them out to cycling seniors and made them available on a trail where I am a bike patrol volunteer ranger.
    In the booklet, at the beginning of chapter 8, top of page 26, there is a statement: “Bicyling collisions happen almost three times as often on paths as on streets.” I frequently cite that to riders on the trail while urging them to wear helmets, but did not know of the “three times” factor. I have never before seen it in writing. Can you please help me find the source of that data?

Lee F.

    The path-crash reference comes from a couple of studies, but I usually cite Kaplan, “Characteristics of the Regular Adult Bicycle User,” Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), 1976, Washington, DC.
    The statistic takes into account conflicts with other path users as well as conflicts with motorists at path/roadway intersections. The latter seem to result in more serious injury.
    For those interested in exploring the latter further I recommend “The Effect of Bicycle Accommodations on Bicycle/Motor Vehicle Safety and Traffic Operations,” FHWA, 1992.

Mr Bike

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