January 12, 2006

    So, if the men's bikes in China are more stable with the lower bar (and safer? For men!), then do you recommend a men's bike with the lower configuration?
    Thanks so much for the answer. With best regards,

Lino M.

    Not sure where you got the idea that a lower top tube translates to more stability; most would claim the opposite as true, and why would I disagree?
    I've no problem recommending step-through frames for men who want 'em. Men who prefer a step-through frame (my dad, for instance) often like them because they don’t wanna have to lift their leg over a horizontal top tube. (You can, however, consult my book for an easy way, without leg lift, to mount a bike having a horizontal top tube.) With most step-through bikes stability won't pose a challenge unless you plan on racing or mountain biking.

Mr Bike

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