October 25, 2005

    Years ago I saw a frame that attached to the rear wheel making the everyday bike a stationary bike.
    Can you tell me the name of this “frame” and where I can buy it? Thank you.

Diane G.

    We call these devices “bicycle trainers” cuz some folks use ‘em to get or keep in cycling shape.
    You stick your bike’s rear wheel in the middle of the trainer, placing the tire against a rod that spins. Then you push a handle that clamps the trainer onto both sides of the wheel’s axle.
    Many trainers have a knob you can adjust to make the rod spin with more friction, so you can simulate biking into a headwind or up a hill. More sophisticated trainers can tell you how many revolutions per minute the bike’s wheel makes, or even the equivalent bicycling speed.
    You can find trainers at many bike shops and sporting-goods stores. I don’t recommend any particular brand, but to check out a well-distributed brand go to Blackburn’s Web site. (The site has a “where to buy” feature.)
    If you really get into this stuff you can graduate to rollers, on which you have to balance the bike while pedaling. Sorta like cycling on a moving walkway.

Mr Bike

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