October 1, 2004

    I recently had a bad experience purchasing a bike on-line. I finally got the bike but it took MUCH longer then I anticipated and really put me in a bind as it is my only transportation. Anyway, I was wondering how I can keep from going through this again. How do I protect myself from unscrupulous on-line businesses?


    First, never make large purchases on-line without checking up on the vendor. Look on the vendor’s site for testimonials that you can follow up on, or ask for a referral to satisfied customers. Alternatively, in the U.S. and Canada you can check the vendor’s record with the local Better Business Bureau chapter.
    Second, understand that large items like bikes don’t always ship in optimum time. You should learn from the vendor the maximum possible shipping interval. Beyond that, you can cancel the order and have your credit-card company secure a refund.

Mr Bike

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