August 16, 2004

    What is your top recommendation for ID-ing my bike in case it gets stolen?
    Also, every time I shift down from 3rd to 2nd gear, my bike makes a rattling noise. It keeps going until I shift all the way down to 1st. Is there something Iím doing wrong?

Katie S.

    As far as IDing your bike: You should register it with your local police agency. Make sure you write down the serial number for yourself and keep it where you can find it. Also, take a photo of the bike and keep it in the same place.
    Regarding your shifting problem: First, while shifting you should pedal but make sure that you donít apply pressure to the pedals. If that doesnít help, try turning the barrel adjuster that youíll find at the end of the cable that goes into the shifter. Turn it a half-turn in either direction and see if that makes a difference. If not, turn it a couple more times. If that doesnít work you can take your bike to your local bike shop.

Mr Bike

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