December 8, 2004

    I have a problem with my new OnGuard U lock. On several occasions, the tumblers have gotten out of sync and it has taken quite a while to get them straightened out to use the key. This could be because the tumblers on top move easily and get jostled or they twist when I remove the key. One of my coworkers has had this same problem.
    The tumbler mechanism is often hard to turn. Unlike other locks that have only one way to put on the crossbar (or they don't go on), the OnGuard can go on either way. However, the key seems only to work on one of the ways.

Rob S.

    According to the manufacturer, an OnGuard user will encounter this problem if (a) they don’t insert their key all the way into the lock before turning it, or (b) they remove their key before turning it to the starting position.
    The manufacturer says that all of their locks come with a label next to the keyhole. The label tells you how to insert and turn the key correctly. Apparently your lock doesn’t have this label, so the manufacturer will resolve this with you directly.
    If you’ve jammed up your lock by inserting or removing the key improperly, you can (as you’ve learned) make it right by putting the key part-way into the keyhole and using it to turn the little slots inside the keyhole so they line up.

Mr Bike

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